GTA-OFC Bylaws

Greater Toronto Area
Organic Farm Co-Operative (OFC) Bylaws

"Co-Operative" - Communicating, Collaborating and Performing in a Mutually Positive Way.

Below you can download the current draft bylaws of the GTA Organic Farm Co-operative ("The Coop").

This is a rough draft of the proposed bylaws for The Coop planned to be registered (at this time) as a Multi-Stakeholder "no share" cooperative.

The draft will be available for a comment period until the final bylaws are adopted as decided upon by the organizing Board of Directors.

The Co-operative is being organized as a "Multi-Stakeholder Organization". This form of coop organization is recommended because of some of the unique characteristics of the GTA-OFC model.

General members
Priority buying members
Committed buying members, and
Coop Landowners

Each group will elect at least one director (required by Ontario law).

The "no-share" provision is proposed as an alternative to a security registration. This means that the Coop is NOT offering shares, as securities, in the corporation. Although at times people will use the word "shares", in the context of The Coop this refers to a membership interest, and in the case of the land owners to ownership of real property.

The bylaws are the "general rules" for the organization. Please take the time to be familiar with them as that is important for you and everybody else.

Ask questions and help answer them on our forum board.

To download the pro forma document, a pdf file, right click on the link below and save to a folder on your computer or other device.

GTA Organic Farm Co-op Bylaws Draft