Your Contribution

People know that the most important part of life is not about money but about relationships, and that relationships are about appreciation.   Even so, money is and can be an important tool that helps us translate our goals and needs into results.

That is why we are establishing a donation program.  (We are also asking for volunteers and in-kind help as well.)  We appreciate any amount you can affordably contribute.

(We use Paypal, the world's largest, secure online payment processor)

Alternatively, although Paypal is preferred because of lower fees, we are also establishing a crowdfunding initiative and will inform you when that is in place.

With respect to our donation program, please visit this page for updates.

In the mean time please sign up for our newsletter alerts (below) for additional information.

If you are interested in becoming a Coop Participant, contact royce [AT] or call 877-899-1413.