GTA-OFC Organizing Board

GTA Organic Farm Co-Operative (OFC) Organizing Board of Directors

The current Organizing Board of Directors as identified in the Co-op's Articles of Incorporation submitted to the Ontario Financial Services Commission are:

Hugh Reilly, Chairperson, Organizing Board

Hugh Reilly is the founder and CEO of, Canada’s premier internet broadcaster since 2004.  He hosts the Liquid Lunch program on weekdays.
He graduated with a degree in business administration from Wilfrid Laurier University with honours, and also completed the Ontario Real Estate Agent course, including Mortgage Financing, working as a real-estate agent in Welland for some time.
Hugh as extensive experience with co-operatives, having server on the Boards of Metro Credit Union (Alterna Savings Credit Union), Toronto Dollar, and Toronto Freenet.
Hugh is a ssupporter of the Organic Food Project and a fully-paid land-owner.

Royce Hamer, Project Coordinator and Organizing Board Member

Royce Hamer was born and raised on a farm, living there until age 19, when he left to become a police cadet in Toronto, but still worked on the farm on days off.
He spent nearly eight years as police officer at which time he started a career in mechanic, graduating as a Mechanical Engineer specializing in rotating equipment.
Royce holds four inter-provincial Red Seal Certificates, Auto, Truck & Coach, Millwright, amd Compressor operator,
Presently he serves as president of the Hamilton-Burlington Inventors club, is the leader of the Canadian Anti-Corruption League and organizer for the Organic Farm Coop Project.
Royce has had a life-long interest in natural health and has long helped eople with health issues as a health coach.
He has two land-ownership positions.

Richard Archambault, Organizing Board Member

Richard graduated from St Lawrence High School, Cornwall, Ontario.  In 1991, Richard attended and completed a Micro Computer Course at Mohawk College in Hamilton, ON, graduating at the top of the class.
He also completed the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group in London Ontario and the Personal Property Appraiser Accreditation Program,
Richard is a Licensed and Bonded Appointed Bailiff in the Province of Ontario since May, 1989
Accredited Personal Property Appraiser - Member in good standing of the Canadian Personal Property
His work varied work experiences include a number of years in the industrial painting and blasting industry and security industry where he served with Pinkerton's of Canada and other organizations.
Richard has one land-ownership position.

Lewis Incze, Organizing Board Member

Lewis has worked all of his adult life in various industries.
He is is a supporter of the Organic Food Project and a fully-paid land-owner of more than two land-ownership positions.

Pearl McWaters, Organizing Board Member
Pearl is the oldest daughter from her father's 2nd marriage and grew up living in rental homes, three of them located on farms in southern Ontario.
Both sets of her grandparents had green thumbs and grew their own vegetables and would share it with others.
Pearl was a Registered Practical Nurse and is now retired.
She has a strong interest in healthy food and diet, wants to have a better life style, and believes that the  Organc Food Project can help her with that.  "Getting back to nature has always been a healing force for me.  Clean country air and bare feet on clean soil is much better than living with cement, gas fumes, chemical lawns and poor quality air.
Other than owning a farm property by herself which is nor affordable as she lives on a fixed income, she feels that "becoming a co-op member is the only way to go".
Pearl has two land-ownership positions.

Stake Holder Groups

The Co-Op will be organized into four stakeholder groups representing the different member classes who are participating in the coop at four different participation levels as outlined on the membership page.  Each group will participate in the Co-Op's election of directors to represent that group.

General members
Priority buying members
Committed buying members, and
Co-op Landowners

Each group will elect at least one director (required by Ontario law).

The "no-share" provision is proposed as an alternative to a security registration. This means that the Coop is NOT offering shares, as securities, in the corporation. Although at times people will use the word "shares", in the context of The Coop this refers to a membership interest, and in the case of the land owners to ownership of real property.

The bylaws are the "general rules" for the organization. Please take the time to be familiar with them as that is important for you and everybody else.

Ask questions and help answer them on our forum board.

To download the pro forma document, a pdf file, right click on the link below and save to a folder on your computer or other device.

GTA Organic Farm Co-op Bylaws Draft