Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have listed answers to the questions that are commonly asked.

Q--What's the Plan?

    A--The priority plan is to acquire a farm property and produce as much food in 2017 as can be done within the existing time frame.

Q--What's the Plan's Current Status?

    A--Mid-February, 2017 Status: To be able to do 2017 Spring planting we are more than 80% along with bringing land-owner memberships to about 70 with ~100 ownership units committed.

To get to 100% we estimate that we need about 200 "active" supporters, meaning people who will help spread the word.

Q--Where is the farm?

    A--We have three we are considering but the best option is in North Hamilton

Q--How do we get our food.

    A--We will have delivery probably to an owned depots in strategic areas for easy access. You can also come out an pick your own or buy from the farm gate.

Q--How clean or free from chemicals is the present farm.

    A--One farm has been clean for at least 15 years the other for 50 years

Q--What can we grow?

    A--If it can grow in Southern Ontario we will grow on demand. All vegetables, fruits, berries, vine crops ,beef, lamb, chickens, eggs, pork you name it we will attempt to satisfy your needs. I have even had a request for camel milk.

Q--What are the savings?

    A--Based on present personal activities 50% will be normal compared to grocery store pricing and leave sufficient for farm capital cash flow.

Q--How big is the farm?

    A--One farm is 89 acres, the other is 100 and we can expand as needed.

Q--What is required to take advantage of this project.

    A--To have access to raw dairy you must be a farmer, this includes land ownership and animal ownership. You will be registered on land title under Ontario Law. 100 persons is the present plan for this and to own your portion is $ 5000.00. onetime expense.

Those not wanting raw dairy can be associate members gaining access to all food except raw dairy for $ 600.00 per yr. paid in advance. As you can see the payback is very fast not to mention the high quality food.

Q--Are there other benefits?

    A--We plan to have many features as time goes on but a family recreation area is in the plans.

Q--Can I buy and resale?

    A--Yes you can, but raw dairy is prohibited by law except to the farmer.

Q--Is there any limit to how much I can buy.

    A--Not really but please consider your fellow member's needs. We say no but it depends on the volume of produce however it is quite easy to ramp up production to meet demand for some produce.

Q--As an example what will a dozen eggs cost?

    A--Eggs should be available from $2.00 to $2.50 and fresh.

Q--What is the next step

    A--Currently we are waiting to hear from the Ontario Financial Services Commission on the incorporation of the Cooperative.  We are also still moving ahead to allow members to purchase ~25 more land ownership units.

You can still be a land owner by purchasing the $5,000 Co-Op membership with a one-time payment or with a 5-year payment plan payable to the law firm of Pelech Otto & Powell of
Hamilton, Ontario, “DEPOSIT HOLDER”. (see the membership page and purchase agreement, click here.  As explained, your payment(s) will be deposited into a trust account.

You can also purchase an annual membership that will go into effect when the farm property is purchased.  By making a commitment early you are supporting this project and you are also receiving a discount as the membership fee will be increased as we move closer to achieving our first property purchase.  To take action, (1) download and read the purchase agreement, sign it and mail it in to the law firm or to Organic Farm Coop in Trust to (ORGANIC FARM COOP) PO Box 27017 Guelph Ontario N1L 0A0.

Q--How does the trust work.

    A--The Trust Account is held in trust by the law firm of Pelech Otto & Powell of Hamilton, Ontario, “DEPOSIT HOLDER” under Ontario Law. The money is held in trust and can only be used for two things. (1) to buy the farm or (2) to be returned to the person that paid it in to the account.

Q--What else is required.

    A--To move this project forward we are asking for $100.00 for working capital. You will get a receipt and any money not used will be returned to donor if we cannot complete the process. Any person that does not submit the working capital with the land ownership or membership will NOT get the advantages of the persons that accept these terms.

Q--How many interested persons do you have now?

    A--A large number of people want to support this project and the local organic food movement in general.  We have more than 500 persons at this time and growing, who have indicated some form of interest, and there are nearly 3,000 supporters on our Facebook Fan Page.  We are asking people to turn their support into action by telling others.

Q--How many persons do we need?

    A--No idea really but based on the activity of the 191 we will need about 1200 to complete this project. Not all will be active same as any organization. 90% or the benefit is the result of 10% of the members.

Q--Do you hold meetings?

    A--Yes if you are on the mailing list we will have two meetings for sure a month. One in Toronto and one to the West. We are posted on MEETUP and we have a mailing list. FREELTON ORGANIC FARN MEETUP.  Also we have a Facebook Page and a Facebook Community

Q--What can I do to help?

    A--We need bodies to perform communication functions and to help spread the word. This project can grow fast enough to succeed it you get involved. As a health coach for 40 years I can assure you that you cannot get food and water that is too clean. You are what you eat and what your food ate.

Q--Can I contact anyone in person.

    A--Yes you can contact Royce Hamer, the project coordinator, at ( we need your email for news letters and you can call 877-899-1413 or 905-756-4514.