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Organic Food Is Better. GMO's in Our Food May Be Dangerous

The Organic Farm Coop group is in the process of organizing like-minded persons for the purpose of purchasing a farm property where we can grow and raise our own food. We are doing this to increase access to better quality food that is free from high levels of contamination. For land owners, OFC also offers food that is in demand but not available due to government regulation, such as raw dairy.

We don't know what GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms) do to our food. Genetic material from deadly bacteria in our food does not seem like a good idea.

We do know that the people directing Monsanto, the main manufacturer of GMO's, are part of a corrupt history

Help Stop GMO's, one organic farm at a time!

Read our current status report here (click on link)


Be Closer to the Earth

There is something very powerful about being close to and part of the Earth. When you are grounded and rooted you have peace-of-mind, something that every human being needs.

As a coop member you will be able to visit and see the source of your food. You will be connected to the process that goes into the production of your food, and learn about the factors influence that process.


Be Engaged

Organic Food is healthier, improves the environment and helps create a stronger foundation for Peace and Prosperity!

Gardening and farming get you involved in ways that complement your relationships with other human beings and all of life.

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OFC's goal is to provide healthy organic food for our members at about 50% less than comparable grocery stores pricing. In addtion, for the many who want access to raw dairy milk, they can be co-owners of the farm property with their own deed to the land. There are few things better to own than land and a way to replenish your food. There are several ways that you can participate as described on our membership page, including a free general membership



Even if you cannot actively participate, you can still let others know about this important project that helps us all. Tell others and share the information on this web site.