Membership Options

We are pleased that you are interested in being a Greater Toronto Area Organic Farm Coop member.

Our membership options offer excellent value, especially because our project is unique and benefits the whole region, and potentially other parts of the world as well.

This member-owned Cooperative is being organized under the Co-Operative Corporations Act of the Province of Ontario, Canada.

All membership options are guaranteed for the first full seasonal year of OFC Project operations.

General Member - Free

Be informed and help spread the word about the OFC Project. You have to be
signed up for the newsletter and your spot in the membership options waiting
line is time-stamped. [Bear in mind that there is a good chance that most of
farm products will be ordered ahead of time and that there may not be much

Be first to be informed about- and have access to OFC activities and events;
be the first to know about project expansion and additional ownership and
food shares; be notified about availability of surplus food from the farm at
advantageous pricing, before distribution to retail enterprises.

Priority Buying Member - $100 annually

Make a "working capital" contribution for this project AND receive the General Member benefits, plus: Be placed on priority waiting list to receive notice about availability of surplus products from the farm before they are offered to retail establishments. Receive two free tickets to Annual Dinner.

(We use Paypal, the world's largest, secure online payment processor)

Committed Buying Member - $100, $200, or $500 annual membership

In addition to the general and priority buyer benefits, receive weekly delivery of products during the season equal, respectively to $200, $400 and $1,000 (individual, medium and large boxes) offered at retail. In the unlikely event products are not delivered during the year, funds remaining will carry over to the next year.  [We plan to have a number of locations throughout the GTA where you will be able to pick up your products close to where you live.]

Annual Buying Membership
(We use Paypal, the world's largest, secure online payment processor)

Coop Land Owner - $5,000 (or $6,500 with 5-year payment plan)

Receive Cooperative ownership rights in OFC real property and assets, calculated as specified in the terms of the Trust. When you choose this option we shall immediately send you the terms for the release of funds and your ownership details.

To join the Cooperative membership as a land owner, please download the purchase agreement, complete and send it in at your earliest convenience.